Jul 25, 2017

Buy all the fabric, Make all the things

So apparently I have a mental block when it comes to this blog because I'm constantly forgetting that I have it. let me see if i can summarize what's happened since my last post ( which was over a year ago).

I've been putting cat ears on just about everything and I love it, the only thing better than junk food is junk food with cat ears. I've been considering making some fruit with cat ears up until now its been like pizza and doughnuts but i'd kill to put cat ears on a strawberry.
I went to Disney about 4 times in the span of a year and have discovered how truly humongous the community of Disney loving adults is, I mean i know people love Disney but i never would have guessed there were entire Instagram accounts dedicated to Disney accessories and products, or that people make a living going to the parks and buying park exclusive merchandise for buyers. I have disappeared into a black hole of "character fabric" buying and I've got a bunch saved to my favorites for when I'm willing to pay the shipping for fabric from Korea and japan.
I decided to branch out from plushies and start making makeup bags, pencil cases, Etc. It's helped to expand my audience and my shop has been having higher than average sales for this time of year which I hope will keep happening. It also allows me to add ruffle trim and rhinestones to everything and fulfill all my kawaii ambitions.
Most recently I've been working on scaling down my patterns and making smaller versions of my Merkitty's, bats and fairies. I'll also be changing the shape of the fairy wings they will be more butterfly shaped as opposed to "Tinkerbell" shaped, they look pretty adorable if i do say so myself.

(now lets see if i can post more than once this year)

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