Nov 14, 2015

2 Weeks Till December. . .Holy Crap!

Hello again, I didn't realize how long it had been since my last blog post cause I've been so busy, in between moving back to Miami and finding an apartment I was making stuff for Stitch Rock an indie craft fair and bazaar. I was also waiting for my shop inventory that i shipped ahead of time to arrive so i could reopen the shop in as little time as possible.
This years Stitch rock is my best craft show to date i made over 800$ which is double my highest profit at a craft show (the last one was Odd Duck where I made over 400$) I'm not sure if that does or doesn't seem like a lot of money but that's amazing for me.  I feel like my business is finally starting to pick up speed. I passed 400 sales before moving from Connecticut back to Miami and I've been preparing for my holiday sales non-stop, each year my holiday profits have doubled and I'm hoping that trend continues. I have 100 taco ornaments in various stages of completion, and I'm currently making a ton of mer-cats and cat doughnuts that all sold out at stitch rock. I underestimated how much stuff i needed to make, i figured i would do as well as previous years and ended up doing way better and ran out of the really good stuff within the first hour and a half. My unicorns were incredibly popular only problem is they're very time consuming, 75% is sewn by hand, so i kind of hate making them but i do have some in the works i just don't know if they'll be done in time for he holidays.

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