Nov 14, 2015

2 Weeks Till December. . .Holy Crap!

Hello again, I didn't realize how long it had been since my last blog post cause I've been so busy, in between moving back to Miami and finding an apartment I was making stuff for Stitch Rock an indie craft fair and bazaar. I was also waiting for my shop inventory that i shipped ahead of time to arrive so i could reopen the shop in as little time as possible.
This years Stitch rock is my best craft show to date i made over 800$ which is double my highest profit at a craft show (the last one was Odd Duck where I made over 400$) I'm not sure if that does or doesn't seem like a lot of money but that's amazing for me.  I feel like my business is finally starting to pick up speed. I passed 400 sales before moving from Connecticut back to Miami and I've been preparing for my holiday sales non-stop, each year my holiday profits have doubled and I'm hoping that trend continues. I have 100 taco ornaments in various stages of completion, and I'm currently making a ton of mer-cats and cat doughnuts that all sold out at stitch rock. I underestimated how much stuff i needed to make, i figured i would do as well as previous years and ended up doing way better and ran out of the really good stuff within the first hour and a half. My unicorns were incredibly popular only problem is they're very time consuming, 75% is sewn by hand, so i kind of hate making them but i do have some in the works i just don't know if they'll be done in time for he holidays.

Jun 24, 2015

Back In The Sunshine . . .State

Hello all! I'm happy to announce that Spazzy Wonder is back in Miami and the shop will be back up and running, hopefully, by the end of July. I am super excited to be coming back to Florida and my crafty community that I have missed so much.
In addition to being back in south Florida I have been busy, these last couple of months, making lots of new plushies! At some point before the holidays this year you will be seeing unicorns and rabbits in my shop, two things I have been wanting to make for a long time :). I have also started making cats and bats out of cotton patterned fabric so the possibilities are endless.
I forgot to post that I was a part of the Slushbox gallery and ink & pistons tattoo presents "Candy Coated Dreams". I had two pieces in the show (both of which sold YAY!) the "uni-candy-corn" and "I Dream Of Ice Cream".
{via Beautiful Bizarre}

Jan 27, 2015

It's A Blizzard!

Hello! I just woke up to my first blizzard and let me just tell you trying to walk a dog in 2 feet of snow is not easy, especially when she disappears into a snow drift! I lived in Connecticut when I was younger but I don't think I've ever experienced a storm of this magnitude.
{We're on the second floor of this building, I was surprised by how much snow was on the balcony}
{This is not a blue filter, it was early and still dark out}
I'll be taking this opportunity to work on stuff for the shop since I will be stuck in my apartment, aside from occasionally walking my dog, for the foreseeable future. Also I will be re-watching all Agent Carter episodes in anticipation of tonights new episode.