Dec 23, 2014

Christmas Trimmings

Hello all my crafty people! I hope you're having a fun (and hopefully stress free) Holiday, I know that's virtually impossible but hey one can hope. I got all my shopping out of the way early since i'll be spending christmas with just my mom this year. I took my big family holidays for granted cause i am seriously missing my crazy ass family this Christmas. So remember even if you're family drives you up the wall you would miss them if they weren't around :)

My mother pretty much let me take over Christmas so I handmade a lot of our decorations. 
  • I got inspired after seeing a picture on pinterest to make a fireplace out of cardboard. I made it out of the box we got our TV in, it was a time intensive project, i wanna say it took me about a week but i love the way it turned out so it was completely worth the time :)
  •  I decided on a fake tree 1. because i didn't feel like watering the tree or picking up pine needles 2. we have animals and i didn't feel like picking up pine needle vomit. 
  • My aunt got me a 75 piece Martha Stewart ornament set at an after Christmas sale last year, it has glitter covered ornaments, beaded acorns and gold owls, so of course I used it.
  • I found a kick-ass cardboard stag head on sale for 70% off at Michaels and while i was there i bought scrapbook paper for my garland. 
  • I used the Martha Stewart scoring board to make the tree topper and the ornament template tool to make my ceiling decorations.

I went pinterest crazy when wrapping my gifts this year! I pretty much turned them all into little craft projects :) I put links to all my holiday decor inspirations at the bottom.

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