Oct 20, 2014

Spooky Wreath DIY

Hello tricksters, I'm excited for Halloween and in preparation I made a spooky wreath to welcome trick or treaters! I was inspired by the haunted mansion when I found the dapper skeleton plaque and decided to make it seem like it's been sitting in someone attic getting taken over by webs and random pests. This project cost less then $20 to make.
 I was a little tight for money when I went supply shopping so I tried to be economical. My supplies were bought at Michaels (sale items), Walmart, Big Lots, and the Dollar Tree.
  • "Creepy cloth" (Dollar Tree) $1
  • Spider web (Dollar Tree) $1
  • Purple spiders (Dollar Tree) $1
  • Orange decorative mesh (Walmart) $6
  • Wire wreath (Walmart) $3
  • Skeleton plaque (big lots) $4
  • Mini skulls (Michaels) $1
  • Green glitter spider (Michaels) $1
  • Sparkly raven (Michaels) $1.50
  • I already had the dmc thread, hot glue gun and glue sticks 
  • I ended up not using the Tacky glue, pipe cleaners of burlap leaves and pumpkins

I started off by a sewing the mesh around part of the wreath to anchor it and then wrapping it all the way around , overlapping it each time so you wouldn't see the wire underneath, and sewing it in place at the end.
I centered skeleton plaque and hot glued it in place and sewed it into the mesh to reinforce it. 
I wrapped the "creepy cloth" around the wreath and behind the plaque, I pulled my fingers through the cloth a couple times beforehand to give it that ragged effect which Fuzzy took as an invitation to play and tried to steal the cloth from me
I took a small piece of the spider web, there was a ton, and stretched it around the wreath without covering the skeletons face.
I hot glued on the little spider and one of the big spiders, two little skulls and hid them a little cause i thought it would be creepier (well, as creepy as you can get with sparkly spiders). I attached the raven on top (which took way more glue then I thought) and wrapped some spider web around the bottom to look like a nest (and to hide the glob of hot glue holding the bird :)
Ta-Da! A spooky wreath to beckon trick or treaters'.

Oct 10, 2014


{My new apartment complex in Connecticut)
Hello there! As you may or may not have read on my Facebook page I announced my imminent move to New England (YAY) and I had hinted about changes in my life more than a year ago in a blog post. while several opportunities did fall through I ended up having the opportunity to move back to Connecticut, a different town though, because my mother got a job here and I decided to come along, I've only been here a couple days and i already love it :)
 {start of the road trip Miami, FL}
It so cold, I love it! I can't wait for snow, sorry, I'm that southern dork who's super excited for a real winter. The leaves are already starting to turn orange and taking my dog for a walk is my favorite part of the day now cause it's not sweltering 90 degree humidity that slaps you in the face as you walk out the door but a 60 degree breeze (frigid breeze) I'll take that over heat any day.
The only downside is that until my stuff arrives in CT, cause we shipped everything with a moving company, my Etsy shop will be down. All my talk about not procrastinating and getting all my stuff for the holidays in the shop by September went out the window when i found out i was moving. I had a ton of stuff made but I didn't have enough time to take photos. I had hoped to spend the time between moving and waiting for my stuff to arrive to edit photos but since that's out of the question I'm just trying to find ways to fill the time until I get my stuff. I'm making over a dresser and night table I got from my moms coworker, decorating for Halloween, and working on the 50 taco ornaments I had the good sense to bring with me to finish, since they are my biggest seller during the holidays.
{my cats helping me make my Halloween wreath}
It looks like my shop will be back up in late October/early November. I wish it could happen sooner but it's out of my control.