May 21, 2014

What up. . .

I had been on kind of a crafter hiatus, for some reason even I can't explain, but now I am on a crafting high! I have like 50 plushies and ornaments in the works all piled up on my craft table, I recently did a large shop update with all my new kitties and fairies, and I have been contacted by to sell 3 or 4 of my plushies on there site! I missed spending every single day making stuff and am now in a better living situation, with my own space, to accomplish just that.
I've already started planning for the holiday season and for a craft fair I usually do in the fall, which i have applied to and will hopefully get accepted. I had to start planning for Halloween and Christmas now. I always procrastinate and by the time I have everything planned it's the beginning of October and I can never make half the Halloween stuff I want and I'm in a mad dash to make my Christmas stuff so I am giving my procrastinating ass a big head start this year. I already have a bunch of Christmas ornaments started that I will hopefully list in September.
My shop did pretty well last holiday season and the beginning of this year, at least by my standards, so I was seriously considering expanding to another site like maybe storenvy or artfire, I'm still on the fence about it though, I can't decide whether to expand or concentrate all my efforts to my Etsy store.