Oct 14, 2013

It's Freakin Hot!

So i'm trying to take pictures of everything so I can get all the listings up for the holiday season. I needed to take pictures of over 40 items and I couldn't get decent light in front of any window indoors so I moved my photography operation outside for the day. It was freakin hot, then it started raining and I kept getting distracted, but that's normal. 
{ My little outdoor setup }
The little photo shoot setup is working fine until noon rolls around and I start sweating buckets and getting a decent tan. I got about halfway done when it started raining and I had to scramble and run indoors. It lasted like 5 minutes and i still needed to finish taking pictures so I moved everything back outside, I promptly got distracted by a dragonfly. Naturally I had to stalk the dragonfly and take pictures, I cannot even begin to describe how crazy i must have looked following that thing.

Then I felt the need to go on an impromptu photo shoot through the backyard.

{ Mango & Avocado trees }
{ My Cacti }
{ Mya }
Thankfully I got all the pictures I needed now i need to edit them, write the lisitngs, update the shop, work on a commision, make some holiday plushies, make more taco ornaments . . .it's been a little slow in the Etsy shop so I'd forgotten what it was like to be busy, I missed it :)

Oct 7, 2013

Stitch Rock 2013

Stitch Rock this year was great, I had so many awesome people come by my booth and of course my favorite part is when all the hyper kids come by to look at the plushies. I stupidly forgot to go around and take pictures of all the vendors and there booths but i did walk around and pass by Creep House Looks, Crafty Dork, Stitch of whimsy, Coma girl, and the PS561 hot dog truck. I did remember to take pictures of my booth which i forgot to do last year :)

{ The view from my booth }
{ Side view from my booth }

{ My cupcake from sugar daddy's }