Apr 20, 2013

Master of Procrastination: Can work be fun?

Have you ever really loved something, like crafts or art, that's always been something you enjoyed and then the second that it starts being work in your mind you avoid it like the plague? I don't want to complain because I know plenty of people my age who don't have the option of following their dream full time and have to trudge endlessly through part time jobs. I also know plenty of crafty people through Etsy and craft fairs who seem to love their art related job and live for it. So i want to know what exactly is the secret to being really happy making something you love into work? It sounds like a stupid question because that would seem like an ideal situation, but is it possible to lose all interest when what you loved becomes a chore? Either it's a real problem or I'm just a major procrastinator, I seem to find new and interesting ways to waste time.

Apr 2, 2013

In Search of Artistic Style

I've been wandering a little bit since making the decision to switch my focus to art instead of plushies. Now all my focus Isn't dedicated to making my plushies sell, so I've been a ghost on Facebook and Pinterest (and my blog). I've been working since new years to try and find my "Artistic style" which is not as easy as I thought it would be. I thought I knew what I liked and what I wanted to do as an artist but I'm finding I'm not in love with my simple drawings I want to draw cartoons, people, and scenery. I felt kind of stupid admitting it but my art skills aren't great despite the fact that I've made a definite decision to devote all my time and effort to this. I don't know if other people start out being sub-par artists with a goal of getting better while trying to make it a career but that's my route. It doesn't seem like the most practical choice but I really couldn't see myself in any other career or lifestyle. So I'm basically sitting around having a quarter-life crisis.