Jan 1, 2013

...And a Happy Last Year

Happy new year everybody! I know people are busy making resolutions and setting goals for 2013 I wanna look back on some of the things my business has accomplished this year.
{Via Pinterest Via Thinknice}
>First wholesale order - I was so excited when I got the email from Sunrise Pancake because my shop still had slow sales and here was this opportunity for a huge order. They bought a bunch of nerdy pastry plushies and had me make several taco and sandwich plushies. It was exciting to imagine my stuff on their website.
>My plushies being sold on someone else's site - It was extremely cool to see my stuff on the Sunrise pancake site and seeing Spazzy Wonder under the "Brands" tab it made my business seem real : )
>Got my plushies in a storefront - A friend I met, Carolina, through the craft fair circuit opened a store front, 5/12 Home Decor and Accessories in Boca Raton, and wanted to sell some of my plushies. It is crazy to think someone will walk into a store and see my plushies! 
>Reached 100 Etsy sales - I was definitely excited to reach 100 sales but I didn't know the handmade communities love of mustachioed tacos would get me there, I must have sold 45 taco ornaments this holiday season : )
I hope everyone else accomplished some crafty and personal goals last year and that this year will only bring more awesome opportunities for you and all your artsy endeavors!

P.S. Ok i just realized this was kind of the year of the Taco for me : )

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