Nov 28, 2013

Give Thanks

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This year I am thankful for what I have because I know that no matter how much or how little you have it can all be gone in a second. I appreciate my family more, no matter how annoying they can be, because I know that they can be gone long before you are ready or have gotten a chance to really know them. One thing more than anything though I am thankful for my life in all it's ups and downs because I know how fortunate I am to have this life. There are people much less fortunate than myself who have nowhere to live and nothing to eat, who are wanting for things that I so often take for granted. Life is truly incredible and I need to remember that.

Oct 14, 2013

It's Freakin Hot!

So i'm trying to take pictures of everything so I can get all the listings up for the holiday season. I needed to take pictures of over 40 items and I couldn't get decent light in front of any window indoors so I moved my photography operation outside for the day. It was freakin hot, then it started raining and I kept getting distracted, but that's normal. 
{ My little outdoor setup }
The little photo shoot setup is working fine until noon rolls around and I start sweating buckets and getting a decent tan. I got about halfway done when it started raining and I had to scramble and run indoors. It lasted like 5 minutes and i still needed to finish taking pictures so I moved everything back outside, I promptly got distracted by a dragonfly. Naturally I had to stalk the dragonfly and take pictures, I cannot even begin to describe how crazy i must have looked following that thing.

Then I felt the need to go on an impromptu photo shoot through the backyard.

{ Mango & Avocado trees }
{ My Cacti }
{ Mya }
Thankfully I got all the pictures I needed now i need to edit them, write the lisitngs, update the shop, work on a commision, make some holiday plushies, make more taco ornaments . . .it's been a little slow in the Etsy shop so I'd forgotten what it was like to be busy, I missed it :)

Oct 7, 2013

Stitch Rock 2013

Stitch Rock this year was great, I had so many awesome people come by my booth and of course my favorite part is when all the hyper kids come by to look at the plushies. I stupidly forgot to go around and take pictures of all the vendors and there booths but i did walk around and pass by Creep House Looks, Crafty Dork, Stitch of whimsy, Coma girl, and the PS561 hot dog truck. I did remember to take pictures of my booth which i forgot to do last year :)

{ The view from my booth }
{ Side view from my booth }

{ My cupcake from sugar daddy's }

Sep 27, 2013

Craft Fair Time Again!

YAY! I've been accepted as a vendor for Stitch Rock 2013! I've mentioned before how much i love craft fairs & shows because they give me the opportunity to try out all the new plushies I've been thinking up but have lacked the initiative to try.

Expect to see lots of new dessert plushie goodness at the my booth also some cats, bats, monsters, possibly a skeleton and as always i will have lots of taco plushies, key chains, and ornaments.

Since taco themed items are my most popular items my freebies in the swag bags will be pin back buttons with my senor taco on them :)
{ This dude will be on a button}

Jul 10, 2013


                                                                   {via Tumblr}
I haven't really had anything to write about in awhile, i also haven't had the motivation. Everything in my life has been up in the air for almost a year. I stayed very optimistic for the first couple of months by motivating myself with my craft business, especially when my holiday sales went so well. However around March I started losing the ability to look on the bright side and I stopped writing posts 'cause my last few posts were starting to sound whiny and I didn't wanna be "that person". I was hoping things would change and at the beginning of this week I found out about an opportunity that could kind of change my world, I love change. For example eight years ago my family suddenly moved to Stamford, CT and it was awesome, granted it wasn't the most exciting place on earth but it was a chance to start over, change myself, and try new things. It was definitely terrifying on a lot of levels and i didn't realize it at the time but I would love living there. This new opportunity could be just like that, I just have to hope it comes through, I'm so excited and trying not to get my hopes up in case it doesn't come through but it's a really cool opportunity so it's hard not to be a little giddy!

Apr 20, 2013

Master of Procrastination: Can work be fun?

Have you ever really loved something, like crafts or art, that's always been something you enjoyed and then the second that it starts being work in your mind you avoid it like the plague? I don't want to complain because I know plenty of people my age who don't have the option of following their dream full time and have to trudge endlessly through part time jobs. I also know plenty of crafty people through Etsy and craft fairs who seem to love their art related job and live for it. So i want to know what exactly is the secret to being really happy making something you love into work? It sounds like a stupid question because that would seem like an ideal situation, but is it possible to lose all interest when what you loved becomes a chore? Either it's a real problem or I'm just a major procrastinator, I seem to find new and interesting ways to waste time.

Apr 2, 2013

In Search of Artistic Style

I've been wandering a little bit since making the decision to switch my focus to art instead of plushies. Now all my focus Isn't dedicated to making my plushies sell, so I've been a ghost on Facebook and Pinterest (and my blog). I've been working since new years to try and find my "Artistic style" which is not as easy as I thought it would be. I thought I knew what I liked and what I wanted to do as an artist but I'm finding I'm not in love with my simple drawings I want to draw cartoons, people, and scenery. I felt kind of stupid admitting it but my art skills aren't great despite the fact that I've made a definite decision to devote all my time and effort to this. I don't know if other people start out being sub-par artists with a goal of getting better while trying to make it a career but that's my route. It doesn't seem like the most practical choice but I really couldn't see myself in any other career or lifestyle. So I'm basically sitting around having a quarter-life crisis.

Jan 30, 2013

Switching Gears

I've been missing in action from my blog, Facebook page, Instagram, and Etsy for a while. I've been dealing with some family stuff and have also been wondering about Spazzy Wonder and shifting focus from plushies to art. Not that plushie making isn't art in it's own right but drawing and painting have always been where my interest truly is and I want to make art a priority. So from now on I will be devoting a large part of my time to drawing and painting and hopefully at some point I will be able to add art prints to my shop. I'm excited for this opportunity to try something new, to be honest I had exhausted a lot of my favorite plushie ideas. I have a whole notebook filled with plushie ideas that wouldn't necessarily work out in reality but as a drawing they would be awesome. Also you remember how I said in my new years post I was able to make an investment in myself? Well I bought myself a laptop and graphic tablet (which I used to make the flowery quote in this post)! This may not be a big deal to most people but this is the first time Etsy sales have been able to get me something like a laptop (which I needed) and a graphic tablet (which I wanted).

P.S I've been wasting a lot of time on my awesome new laptop : )

Jan 1, 2013

...And a Happy Last Year

Happy new year everybody! I know people are busy making resolutions and setting goals for 2013 I wanna look back on some of the things my business has accomplished this year.
{Via Pinterest Via Thinknice}
>First wholesale order - I was so excited when I got the email from Sunrise Pancake because my shop still had slow sales and here was this opportunity for a huge order. They bought a bunch of nerdy pastry plushies and had me make several taco and sandwich plushies. It was exciting to imagine my stuff on their website.
>My plushies being sold on someone else's site - It was extremely cool to see my stuff on the Sunrise pancake site and seeing Spazzy Wonder under the "Brands" tab it made my business seem real : )
>Got my plushies in a storefront - A friend I met, Carolina, through the craft fair circuit opened a store front, 5/12 Home Decor and Accessories in Boca Raton, and wanted to sell some of my plushies. It is crazy to think someone will walk into a store and see my plushies! 
>Reached 100 Etsy sales - I was definitely excited to reach 100 sales but I didn't know the handmade communities love of mustachioed tacos would get me there, I must have sold 45 taco ornaments this holiday season : )
I hope everyone else accomplished some crafty and personal goals last year and that this year will only bring more awesome opportunities for you and all your artsy endeavors!

P.S. Ok i just realized this was kind of the year of the Taco for me : )