Dec 5, 2012

Crafty People: Carolina Fuguet of UpOwlNight

Carolina is a crafty friend I met when she was hosting a craft show, Art sunny side up, she has since become one of my crafty idols. In November she bought some of my plushies to sell in her store and I was very excited 1) because it's been one of my goals to get my stuff in a store front and 2) she owns a store, that's so cool! So I wanted to find out all about it : )
Her store 5/12 Home Decor and Accessories located on 131 E Palmetto park road, suite B, Boca Raton FL 33432 is an adorable store filled with lot's of creative home accessories and handmade goodies. I asked her about the store, how she got started, and what she likes about the craft community.

-How did you get your "crafty" start?
 I started out as a scrapbooker, and saved every piece of paper, cord, or fabric I could find. When my workplace would throw out discontinued wallpaper or fabric samples, I would take them home in hopes of creating something, someday, with them. So, basically, I was a crafty hoarder. One day, I just took out my grandmothers sewing machine and went to town.

-What's your favorite part of working for yourself?
Being able to be as creative as I want. No limits to what I can make how big or small I make it, It's my choice. It's a different sense of freedom.

-When and why did you decide to open your own store front?
It was a revelation I had back in April after being laid off from my design job. I knew I wanted to stay in the design world, but didn't know where exactly. The idea of opening a store front came after being inspired by another local business, Pink Slip Threads, and having the support from my friends and family.
-What is your favorite thing to make/craft?
Right now, it would have to be these leather flower hair accessories. I take scrap pieces of leather, cut each petal to size and arrange them on a headband or clip. They are very popular and I can't always keep up with the demand.

-What would you consider your greatest success so far?
Definitely, the opening the store. It was a dream come true and it goes without saying that this is my greatest accomplishment thus far. I couldn't be more proud or happier :-)

-What do you like most about your crafty community? (people you meet on Etsy and at craft fairs)
Oh, the sheer creativity of some people. Meeting different people and learning their perspectives and how they come up with their amazing crafts, simply blows my mind. It's inspiring, actually. I love to browse other crafters sites and see their tables at craft fairs, because it inspires me to create and grow as a crafter too.

-What are some of your favorite items in your storefront?
Right now, it would be these quirky travel mugs. Each one has a cute novelty icon on it. Some with mustaches, glasses, and penguins. They're so fun and make great gifts for the holidays.
A Pic of some of my plushies in Carolina's store :)
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