Nov 19, 2012

Ornaments Galore

I decided to concentrate mostly on ornaments for the holidays because they were the majority of my sales last holiday season but this year I've made a much larger selection, such as. . .

  • Bacon 
  • Apples (green and red)
  • A Chocolate chip cookie
  • Doughnuts (with snowflakes)
  • Mustaches
  • A Pizza slice
  • Toaster pastries (with snowflakes)
  • Tacos (with mustaches)
  • A Sparkly Snowflake
  • A Christmas light
  • A Wreath

I also made some mini plushies, Christmas trees and a little gingerbread house!

P.S I've also achieved one of my goals of having more than 100 items for sale in my Etsy shop : )

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