Nov 1, 2012

Halloween Crafting Recap

I spent most of my Halloween crafting and setting up a little pumpkin photo shoot. I decided instead of one big pumpkin like I usually do I would get two small ones, in case I didn't like how one turned out. I made a nerdy cat and spider web pumpkins, using everything from a craft knife to stamp carving tools. I lost track of time but carving the two pumpkins took me almost an entire day, it also doesn't help that I'm a perfectionist and borderline OCD, I kept going back and fixing little mistakes. 
When the time came for my pumpkins to be in the spotlight I thought my setup was too plain so in like 15 minutes I made a little spider web doily/place mat. I just cut a circle of felt and used a ruler and free hand drew the rest, cut everything out and glued it to a piece of black felt and cut of the excess. 
I also got bored in between watching Halloween movies and made myself a witches hat with felt, sewn in a simple cone pattern and some cardboard I cut into a doughnut (I'll probably embellish it next Halloween with tulle. . .and more glitter).

 So I wrapped up all my projects with a coating of glitter (because everything is better when it sparkles) and I went to bed on Halloween with a massive candy induced headache (that's how I know it was a good Halloween).

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