Nov 22, 2012

Be Thankful

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Today is a day to be very thankful for everything good in my life and also the bad because they make me appreciate the good so much more. I'm thankful for my little crafting business and all the awesome creative people I've met because of it. I'm thankful for patience because without it I would not be able to put up with my aging cat, socks, who likes to howl for my attention at all hours of the day and night. I'm thankful that I'm happy, even though my current situation isn't the greatest, I can honestly say I'm happy. Out of everything I'm most thankful for my family, most importantly my Mom, who is a constant source of support and encouragement in all of my artsy endeavors, and also my Grandmother, whom we lost this past July, she was our nanny, chef, seamstress, and referee through my whole childhood and where I inherited all of my interest like sewing, cooking, and gardening, she was a kick-ass Grandma!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my crafty friends : )

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