Sep 26, 2012

Ready to Rock

I've been sewing up a storm this past month in preparation for Stitch Rock, an indie craft fair and bazaar. I've made alot of new plushies and hoop artwork that will debut at Stitch Rock.

{pin cushion plushie}
{cinnamon bun monster}
{terrarium hoop}
{rainbow cake slice}

This we'll be my biggest booth yet, an 8x8 space, and I just got done doing a trial run of my display. I literally made too much stuff and not all of it fits on my tables, granted it's kind of an awesome problem, I had to get creative so that the majority of the stuff would fit and still look presentable. The craft show falls in October so I made Halloween themed freebies for the show, a rainbow of spider and bat pins with spider web tulle.
{Stitch Rock freebies}

Stitch rock takes place in Delray beach, FL in the vintage gymnasium at the old school square cultural arts center. I'm excited for the show it's in it's 6th year so the turn out should be awesome : )

Sep 7, 2012

Sunrise pancake

I'm officially a part of Sunrise pancake! You can now buy some of my plushies, like the ham & cheese sandwich and taco, in there online plush grocery store.
(Getting ready to start making some tacos)
(Making sandwich filling)
(Halfway done) 
Some of my little pie plushies are even in their Facebook cover photo
(via sunrise pancake)
They also sell plushies from some awesome plush makers like Anna chambers and Mr. toast, so when you get a chance go check out all of the plush deliciousness to be had at Sunrise pancake.
(The plushies getting packed up for the trip to sunrise pancake)