Aug 3, 2012

Chaos and surprises

There is so much going on! My summer of crafty adventures has been cut short 'cause I found out we have to move and the majority of my craft supplies will be going into storage while we're in between houses, but i will be bringing along my sewing machine (as if I would put it in storage *scoff*), felt, and plushies so my Etsy shop can stay open.

It's gonna be a little chaotic trying to move since I'm busy getting ready for Stitch Rock, an indie craft fair and bazaar on October 6th. This will be my biggest booth space yet an 8x8 space with 2 tables and I'm trying to figure out a new, more interesting display.

I also have an opportunity for a wholesale order with an online store launching soon that will be selling food plushies. I'm not gonna give too much away 'cause i don't wanna jinx myself I'm just happy so many thing are happening for Spazzy wonder!