Jul 6, 2012

Summer of crafty adventures: Arrow artwork

This project was inspired by a blog post on the crafts dept., back in February, all about arrows. The artwork was so pretty i decided to create some of my own.
I started with a wood plaque, painted the edges red and covered the rest of it in red felt. I wanted my arrows to be different sizes so I bought a 4 foot dowel and cut it into 3in, 4in, 5in, and 6in pieces. I free form cut the arrowheads and fletching (I googled it) from multiple colors of felt and glued them onto the dowels.
I wrapped the arrows in pieces of masking tape to paint stripes on. The plaque looked too plain so I added some cute trim then arranged my arrows how I wanted and glue gunned them on.
The finishing touch was a sprinkling of super fine glitter for some sparkle, of course I had to include glitter :)