Jun 1, 2012

Summer of Crafty Adventures

I've decided I want to spend the summer making and doing crafty things I've always wanted to try, like making a paper mache unicorn head for my wall, using paper clay for the first time to make flowers, or testing out some of my more complicated plushie ideas. The majority of the crafts i want to do have been found on various craft blogs and pinterest.

I love the idea of spending the whole summer crafting and making frequent trips to Michaels and Joann fabrics. It's also good motivation to not spend the all summer watching cartoons and "True blood". I'll be making regular updates on all the crafts I'll be doing this summer, now I'm off to the craft store to stock up on craft goodies, let the Summer of Crafty Adventures begin! (I don't think I've ever used the word "craft" so many times in one paragraph) 

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