Jun 15, 2012

Summer of crafty adventures: paper mache unicorn head

When i saw a paper mache unicorn head tutorial on Pinterest i was in love, the creator of this fabulous craft is Ashley of lilblueboo.
I was a little intimidated by this project but it was too awesome to pass up. Shaping the head was easier than i thought it would be, granted it kind of seems like it's looking off to the side but i like it.
I liked the original idea of using pages from a book to decoupage the head but it wasn't colorful enough for me so I chose multicolor polka dot and striped paper. I used resin epoxy and nails to attach it to the wood plaque. (Side note: I like to think I'm a lazy crafter because instead of using what the project calls for I'll use whatever I have because A) I can't wait to finish the project or B) I'm too lazy to go to the craft store.)
Finally I had to add some glitter, I don't know why but I put glitter on everything, and I added a felt dot necklace to hide the fact that I ran out of paper : )

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