Jun 8, 2012

Summer of crafty adventures: Felt flowers and Gold jars

I've been wanting to make a realistic flower plushie for a long time, so to kick of my adventurous crafting I decided to make some plush roses or at least something that resembled roses. It was a little difficult putting little faces on them but they turned out OK, they kind of remind me of the flowers from Alice in wonderland.

 I decided to combine this with a project i found on pinterest, painting a mason jar gold. I was going to paint the inside of the jar with a brush but i got impatient and just poured gold acrylic paint into the jar and turned it around until the inside was completely covered (I did this over a bowl so i wouldn't waste paint). I let it dry overnight and touched up a few spots that were still see through and then modge podged the inside so it wouldn't scratch when I put things in it.

I loved the way everything turned out, I have frequent craft fails so I'm always excited when things come out halfway decent.

 ( P.S. the flowers will be available in my Etsy shop)


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