Jun 22, 2012

Summer of crafty adventures: cat silhouette

I've loved silhouette's since the fifth grade when we were reading "The Egypt game" and traced shadows of our heads and decorated them like Pharaohs, I definitely did not go that elaborate with my project. This is my first summer project I thought up on my own.
So i decided to do some artwork of my fat cat. I took a picture of him in profile and traced it, then added a little bow and ruffle so it looks like he's dressed like a victorian gentleman. Being borderline OCD i had to retrace it 'cause i wanted the cut out to be all nice and pretty.
I was originally going to paint it on the canvas but wanted to incorporate more felt into my projects, I chose a color of felt that would really stand out agiainst the background. I ended up not cutting out the little holes in the bow 'cause it would make the felt to thin and flimsy
Gold was my choice for the background (it's official I'm obssesed with gold) and glued on my cat silhouette.
Now I have some sweet artwork of my fancy fat cat : )