Jun 29, 2012

Summer of crafty adventures: Tree slice chalkboard

I've been wanting to do project with chalkboard paint so when I saw a chalkboard made from a tree slice I was so excited, the main motivator is that it was so easy! A tree slice, a sponge brush, blue chalkboard paint and colored chalk.
I sanded the wood slice, then painted 3 or 4 coats of chalkboard paint. I conditioned the surface with a piece of chalk and added a saw tooth hanger.
 Ta-dah! easy chalkboard : )

Jun 22, 2012

Summer of crafty adventures: cat silhouette

I've loved silhouette's since the fifth grade when we were reading "The Egypt game" and traced shadows of our heads and decorated them like Pharaohs, I definitely did not go that elaborate with my project. This is my first summer project I thought up on my own.
So i decided to do some artwork of my fat cat. I took a picture of him in profile and traced it, then added a little bow and ruffle so it looks like he's dressed like a victorian gentleman. Being borderline OCD i had to retrace it 'cause i wanted the cut out to be all nice and pretty.
I was originally going to paint it on the canvas but wanted to incorporate more felt into my projects, I chose a color of felt that would really stand out agiainst the background. I ended up not cutting out the little holes in the bow 'cause it would make the felt to thin and flimsy
Gold was my choice for the background (it's official I'm obssesed with gold) and glued on my cat silhouette.
Now I have some sweet artwork of my fancy fat cat : )

Jun 15, 2012

Summer of crafty adventures: paper mache unicorn head

When i saw a paper mache unicorn head tutorial on Pinterest i was in love, the creator of this fabulous craft is Ashley of lilblueboo.
I was a little intimidated by this project but it was too awesome to pass up. Shaping the head was easier than i thought it would be, granted it kind of seems like it's looking off to the side but i like it.
I liked the original idea of using pages from a book to decoupage the head but it wasn't colorful enough for me so I chose multicolor polka dot and striped paper. I used resin epoxy and nails to attach it to the wood plaque. (Side note: I like to think I'm a lazy crafter because instead of using what the project calls for I'll use whatever I have because A) I can't wait to finish the project or B) I'm too lazy to go to the craft store.)
Finally I had to add some glitter, I don't know why but I put glitter on everything, and I added a felt dot necklace to hide the fact that I ran out of paper : )

Jun 8, 2012

Summer of crafty adventures: Felt flowers and Gold jars

I've been wanting to make a realistic flower plushie for a long time, so to kick of my adventurous crafting I decided to make some plush roses or at least something that resembled roses. It was a little difficult putting little faces on them but they turned out OK, they kind of remind me of the flowers from Alice in wonderland.

 I decided to combine this with a project i found on pinterest, painting a mason jar gold. I was going to paint the inside of the jar with a brush but i got impatient and just poured gold acrylic paint into the jar and turned it around until the inside was completely covered (I did this over a bowl so i wouldn't waste paint). I let it dry overnight and touched up a few spots that were still see through and then modge podged the inside so it wouldn't scratch when I put things in it.

I loved the way everything turned out, I have frequent craft fails so I'm always excited when things come out halfway decent.

 ( P.S. the flowers will be available in my Etsy shop)


Jun 1, 2012

Summer of Crafty Adventures

I've decided I want to spend the summer making and doing crafty things I've always wanted to try, like making a paper mache unicorn head for my wall, using paper clay for the first time to make flowers, or testing out some of my more complicated plushie ideas. The majority of the crafts i want to do have been found on various craft blogs and pinterest.

I love the idea of spending the whole summer crafting and making frequent trips to Michaels and Joann fabrics. It's also good motivation to not spend the all summer watching cartoons and "True blood". I'll be making regular updates on all the crafts I'll be doing this summer, now I'm off to the craft store to stock up on craft goodies, let the Summer of Crafty Adventures begin! (I don't think I've ever used the word "craft" so many times in one paragraph)