Mar 28, 2012

My first Whimseybox

I was very interested a few months back when I read about Whimseybox on the Craftzine blog. It's a subscription to get a beautifully packaged array of art supplies and samples, it can be anything from polymer clay to fabric. I was so excited to try it but back then it was in the beginning stages and had limited availability so I signed up for an invite and in February I got invited! I received my first Whimsybox this month and I was so excited I took pictures as I was opening it.

It included simplicity trims, sharpie markers, Elmer's all purpose glue stick, scrapbook paper, and adhesive magnets. I can't wait to turn these into something crafty and you can go to the Whimseybox site and get inspiration from the projects page. Personally I love the idea of getting a surprise once a month and I'm already looking forward to next months' box!

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