Mar 3, 2012

Craft fair ahoy!

I'm busy getting ready for my next craft fair on March 31st the Odd duck handmade bazaar and indie craft fair.

 I've only been doing craft fairs for about six months but i already love them and the majority of them have gone well. An upcoming show motivates me to create new things and try out ideas I've had for awhile, for example, I made my first mermaid and a taco monster! This will also be my first craft show selling my monster plushies so I'm excited to see how they'll do.

( P.S. since I'm taking my camera I decided to DIY my own camera strap cover using the tutorial on Design sponge )


  1. I'm thinking about going to my first craft show this year...have you been successful so far?

    1. They've mostly gone well, there was only one that i ended up only making $27, money making aside they can be alot of fun i say go for it!

  2. Good luck on your craft show! I love the taco monster btw.