Dec 31, 2012

Merry, Merry Christmas

It's been crazy busy in my shop, for the first time, I was having sales and making trips to the post office everyday. It's been so good in the shop It's allowed me to make an investment in my business and in myself, more on that later : )
It was also a seriously awesome Christmas, we had our usual get together at my aunts house with Christmas movies, lot's of food, and spiked eggnog (it's the first year I could drink it ; ) I've noticed that Christmas is actually more fun as an adult because I don't have massive unrealistic expectations like I did when I was a kid. I'm no longer depressed after opening the last present, because back then it meant Christmas was over for me, but I appreciate getting anything at all because I know the trouble and money (that people don't necessarily have) that is spent on presents.
Some of my gifts for others were these drawstring bags I made and stuffed with candy, I painted everyones initials on with gold paint.
{Christmas eve dinner}
{Christmas Morning}

Dec 13, 2012

O Holy Knit

I'm busy preparing for Indie craft bazaar: O Holy Knit! holiday craft show this Sunday December 16th at revolution live in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. I alway's love doing craft shows I know technically it's work for me but it's alway's fun :)
I've also been busy with the holiday surge in Etsy orders, I've had 22 orders and sold 29 items up to today! I've been selling taco ornaments like crazy, I don't know what it is about a taco with a mustache you can put on your christmas tree but everyone wants one : ) and you can bet I'll be bringing lots of taco ornaments to indie craft bazaar with me!

Dec 5, 2012

Crafty People: Carolina Fuguet of UpOwlNight

Carolina is a crafty friend I met when she was hosting a craft show, Art sunny side up, she has since become one of my crafty idols. In November she bought some of my plushies to sell in her store and I was very excited 1) because it's been one of my goals to get my stuff in a store front and 2) she owns a store, that's so cool! So I wanted to find out all about it : )
Her store 5/12 Home Decor and Accessories located on 131 E Palmetto park road, suite B, Boca Raton FL 33432 is an adorable store filled with lot's of creative home accessories and handmade goodies. I asked her about the store, how she got started, and what she likes about the craft community.

-How did you get your "crafty" start?
 I started out as a scrapbooker, and saved every piece of paper, cord, or fabric I could find. When my workplace would throw out discontinued wallpaper or fabric samples, I would take them home in hopes of creating something, someday, with them. So, basically, I was a crafty hoarder. One day, I just took out my grandmothers sewing machine and went to town.

-What's your favorite part of working for yourself?
Being able to be as creative as I want. No limits to what I can make how big or small I make it, It's my choice. It's a different sense of freedom.

-When and why did you decide to open your own store front?
It was a revelation I had back in April after being laid off from my design job. I knew I wanted to stay in the design world, but didn't know where exactly. The idea of opening a store front came after being inspired by another local business, Pink Slip Threads, and having the support from my friends and family.
-What is your favorite thing to make/craft?
Right now, it would have to be these leather flower hair accessories. I take scrap pieces of leather, cut each petal to size and arrange them on a headband or clip. They are very popular and I can't always keep up with the demand.

-What would you consider your greatest success so far?
Definitely, the opening the store. It was a dream come true and it goes without saying that this is my greatest accomplishment thus far. I couldn't be more proud or happier :-)

-What do you like most about your crafty community? (people you meet on Etsy and at craft fairs)
Oh, the sheer creativity of some people. Meeting different people and learning their perspectives and how they come up with their amazing crafts, simply blows my mind. It's inspiring, actually. I love to browse other crafters sites and see their tables at craft fairs, because it inspires me to create and grow as a crafter too.

-What are some of your favorite items in your storefront?
Right now, it would be these quirky travel mugs. Each one has a cute novelty icon on it. Some with mustaches, glasses, and penguins. They're so fun and make great gifts for the holidays.
A Pic of some of my plushies in Carolina's store :)
Find UpOwlNight

Website and Blog
5/12 studio Website
She makes cake pops too

Dec 2, 2012

List Maker, Note Taker

I have lists for everything from needed craft supplies to chores that need to be done. That's not the weird part, the weird part is that I LOVE making lists and I insist on doing it on actual paper none of that IPhone notepad junk for me. I'm starting to think I have a touch of OCD, it would explain my love of cleaning and organizing. Am I the only one completely addicted to buying journals and cute little notebooks so I can make hundreds of lists and notes in them?! I found this very appropriate "notes addict" treasury by Louloury on Etsy

'Notes addict' by Louloury

















Dec 1, 2012

Holiday Coupon Code

All through december you can use the coupon code JINGLEBELL2012 for 10% off all orders in my Etsy shop

Nov 23, 2012

Black Friday Sale

My black friday sale kicks off today, from friday till monday you can use this coupon code (all capital) in my shop for 20% off all my plushies, keychains, and ornaments!

Have fun and Happy shopping : )

Nov 22, 2012

Be Thankful

(Pic Link)
Today is a day to be very thankful for everything good in my life and also the bad because they make me appreciate the good so much more. I'm thankful for my little crafting business and all the awesome creative people I've met because of it. I'm thankful for patience because without it I would not be able to put up with my aging cat, socks, who likes to howl for my attention at all hours of the day and night. I'm thankful that I'm happy, even though my current situation isn't the greatest, I can honestly say I'm happy. Out of everything I'm most thankful for my family, most importantly my Mom, who is a constant source of support and encouragement in all of my artsy endeavors, and also my Grandmother, whom we lost this past July, she was our nanny, chef, seamstress, and referee through my whole childhood and where I inherited all of my interest like sewing, cooking, and gardening, she was a kick-ass Grandma!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my crafty friends : )

Nov 19, 2012

Ornaments Galore

I decided to concentrate mostly on ornaments for the holidays because they were the majority of my sales last holiday season but this year I've made a much larger selection, such as. . .

  • Bacon 
  • Apples (green and red)
  • A Chocolate chip cookie
  • Doughnuts (with snowflakes)
  • Mustaches
  • A Pizza slice
  • Toaster pastries (with snowflakes)
  • Tacos (with mustaches)
  • A Sparkly Snowflake
  • A Christmas light
  • A Wreath

I also made some mini plushies, Christmas trees and a little gingerbread house!

P.S I've also achieved one of my goals of having more than 100 items for sale in my Etsy shop : )

Nov 5, 2012

Huge Shop Update

I've been working like a mad woman for the last three weeks writing listings, taking and editing photos for 65 new listings that are now in my Etsy shop in time for holiday shopping. I think this is the most stuff i've ever had for sale, 93 lisitngs! so go check out some of what is now for sale like a cinnamon bun monster, a rainbow cake slice, and giant sahimi!

Nov 1, 2012

Halloween Crafting Recap

I spent most of my Halloween crafting and setting up a little pumpkin photo shoot. I decided instead of one big pumpkin like I usually do I would get two small ones, in case I didn't like how one turned out. I made a nerdy cat and spider web pumpkins, using everything from a craft knife to stamp carving tools. I lost track of time but carving the two pumpkins took me almost an entire day, it also doesn't help that I'm a perfectionist and borderline OCD, I kept going back and fixing little mistakes. 
When the time came for my pumpkins to be in the spotlight I thought my setup was too plain so in like 15 minutes I made a little spider web doily/place mat. I just cut a circle of felt and used a ruler and free hand drew the rest, cut everything out and glued it to a piece of black felt and cut of the excess. 
I also got bored in between watching Halloween movies and made myself a witches hat with felt, sewn in a simple cone pattern and some cardboard I cut into a doughnut (I'll probably embellish it next Halloween with tulle. . .and more glitter).

 So I wrapped up all my projects with a coating of glitter (because everything is better when it sparkles) and I went to bed on Halloween with a massive candy induced headache (that's how I know it was a good Halloween).